The Story of Imzaia

Imzaia means Love. Here's Why.

Your visit to this store may be the first time that you have ever noticed the word Imzaia.

Until 2005, when it was rediscovered, the word had not been spoken or heard for over fifty thousand years, which is well known by metaphysical researchers of mythical history as the ancient era of Lemuria.

Imzaia is an ancient, Lemurian-Polynesian term that encompasses the wholeness and the awesomeness of the feeling we modern day humans describe as Love.

Imzaia is every child, man, and woman's favorite feeling in their heart.

We think love is a central force for good. We also think Imzaia is a beautiful word. We put it at the heart of our business. We made it the pulse of our life. 

And that is why you are here, visiting the Imzaia Store, today.

Because we are all connected. All of us, in Love.

We hope that, like us, you will feel how everything that we share with the world in the Imzaia Store is touched by Love.

We hope that you will choose to invite Love into your Home.

And that, because of it, you will reach for the stars.

Origins of Love.