Returning to Joy

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Presented live March 20, 2022

Running time: 1 hour 9 minutes

In this 19th session of The Study of the Pah, Da Pah Kwan Yin San presents another leap forward in the deeper study and practice of the active ingredients of reality creation, collectively known simply as San.

Following the exploration, in previous classes, of Da — the active ingredient known as Love — this class introduces the state of Ba or the active ingredient of reality creation known as Joy.

Da, the active reality creation ingredient known as Love, invokes a space where there is nothing that came before it and nothing that comes after it.

Ba, the active reality creation ingredient known as Joy, invokes a space where there is nothing that is within it and nothing that is without it or outside of it.

Profound in its simplicity, the Study of the Pah — and with it the exploration of the active, metaphysical ingredients that each being uses, consciously or unconsciously, to create the reality that they experience inside of them and surrounding them — assists the student of metaphysics to come to the theoretical and the practical understanding that the complexity that appears to surround us in the world of matter is based on 8 simple building blocks that are so simple indeed that it might at first appear nonsensical that they could be responsible for the creation of all of reality, of all of matter, all energy, all geometry, all of consciousness, and of all beings.

And yet, it is exactly the focus that the Study of the Pah offers the student of metaphysics as an attainable, successful, infallible path to ascension.

All beings, naturally and intuitively, are intimately familiar with the building blocks of active reality creation known as San. As such, for a being that allows itself to bypass the mental resistance that can occur when focusing on truth that is so profoundly simple, it goes without saying that the states described in San are easily remembered and attained, as the 8 states or ingredients described are: Love, Joy, Freedom, Truth, Life, Gratitude, Grace and Well-being.

Often, however, the mistake is made by the early explorer to consider the states mentioned here to be the same as the conditional states known in the Earth realm.

It is for this reason that the class you are about to experience, as well as the previously released installments, is considered to be of great importance to the metaphysical student, given that Da Pah Kwan Yin San gracefully guides the consciousness of the student to come to embrace the fact that most of what has been experienced in this lifetime up to this point is the inversion of San, known as Savhok.

Most importantly, the student is taught how to recognize the mental vectors of conditional love, conditional joy, conditional freedom, etc., and to instead return to the original states of being within themself that are prior to the creation of the ego/mind/personality construct known as the individual, separated identity that is the Self.

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